It is a difficult decision, deciding which Christian Christmas charity to trust with your donation. How does one go about selecting a Christian charity during Christmas time? What requirements are necessary?

Below are some questions for selecting a Christian Christmas Charity with answers from Gospel for Asia, a Christian ministry that administers thousands of gifts during the Christmas season. To see some of the gifts this charity provides to people in need visit www.gfa.org/gift.

How does your charity meet the needs of the individuals who receive Christmas gifts? Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gifts are administered in South Asia. Through blessing them with the tangible assets, such as a water filter, blankets or a sewing machine, you meet an immediate need. Animals, such as cows, water buffalos or goats, also play a crucial role in the lives of the people. They not only provide sustenance, but can help produce income when their offspring are sold. When you send a Christmas gift of livestock, you are blessing a needy Asian family with a very tangible expression of Christ’s love.

What kind of experience does the charity have in administering Christmas gifts to needy people? Meeting peoples needs has been a part of Gospel for Asia’s charity work for years. Each Christmas thousands of Christians purchase gifts that are given to those in need.

How are the Christmas gifts distributed? Gospel for Asia works with numerous Christian pastors and missionaries in many parts of Asia. These individuals administer the charity’s Christmas gifts to people in need in their local communities. When a livestock gift produces its first offspring, the animals are given back to the church and gifted again, enabling the donation of one animal touch many families in one community.

What percentage of my donation makes it to the needy person through this Christian Christmas Charity? Gospel for Asia applies 100 percent of the money you donate to fund the specific Christmas gifts you designate. Nothing is taken out for the charity’s administrative expenses. Your gift of charity will meet their whole need, not just a fraction.

How is your Christian charity held financially accountable for administering Christmas gifts? To ensure financial accountability in processing Christmas gifts, Gospel for Asia is a charter member of the ECFA, an accreditation agency whose Christian charity members adhere to the upmost of standards pertaining to the charity’s financial accountability, fund-raising and board of directors,

Getting involved with a Christian Charity is personally rewarding. There is a sense of accomplishment in giving of ones time and resources to make a positive impact on the lives of needy people.

You can become involved in Gospel for Asia’s Christmas program by purchasing a gift for a needy person or requesting catalogs to distribute to fellow Christians, at your church or small group.

Visit our website to view the online catalog, watch videos on how these gifts are touching lives, order catalogs or a kit to distribute to your church, small group, network of friends or co-workers.

By Casey Luke Short


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